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Re felting after Storm Doris

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A little shed roof to re felt after storm Doris.


Hand rail renewal

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A lovely sunny spring day to remove one old rotten hand rail and install these hand rails.

Radiator renewal

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The removal of an old inefficient radiator and replaced with a new higher output Radiator.


Bespoke Door frame and window combo

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Work in progress a door frame with side light

Kitchen renewal

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One of my kitchen renewal jobs which included plumbing and electrical alterations , tiling, flooring and decorating.

Tidying up a large garden (Cambridge)

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“A note of recommendation for you Stephen.You are a star gardener as far as I am concerned. It was such a joy to see the garden develop in the way I always wanted it to be.”
With renewed thanks

General garden maintenance

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We were called in to clean up this garden, the client was unable to maintain the garden , so a few days work the front and back garden were left weed free.